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to friend, befriend or to unfriend, this is the question

The Word of the Year, according to the New Oxford American Dictionary, is the verb “to unfriend”: “Unfriend: To remove someone as a ‘friend’ on a social networking site such as Facebook.”

Making a friend used to be a life-changing experience, it took time, patience, compromise, it was a learning experience for which none of us has time now. We click now. One, two, ten, a hundred friends in a day. But who’s counting… They are all there, in your friends list: kindergarden friends, primary school friends, uni friends, friends of your friends, friends of ex-girlfriends. And you can finally keep a friendly eye on them all. And when you get bored, click “unfriend” and start again, it’s easy game.



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a new beginning

Last week I started a new academic programme at the University of Portsmouth, I am doing a PhD in sociolinguistics, more about that in later posts; I will try to keep a record here of my readings, trips, experiences and life as a mature student :).

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School is out (for summer)!

MAAL / MAELT On Monday I had the last class of the MA Applied Linguistics in Reading. Still have to work on one assignment and dissertation, so still feeling student-like. And the Applied Linguistics Study Group is keeping the spirit alive for the summer, which is great.

Some random thoughts about the academic programme:

Did I enjoy it? I surely did.

Do I think it will help me find a better job / go on with a PhD? I doubt it.

Bits I liked best? My colleagues, the library, few courses (Discourse Analysis, Psycholinguistics in particular) the Thames in the evening, being a student again.

Bits I did not particularly enjoy? Some tutors could have put more effort into it, I know they have the potential to do so; I also think there are other unis that could have delivered a much better programme for my specific needs.

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